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deal's a deal.

multi-fandom icon journal.

A deal's a deal.
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--comments are very much loved. icons take time to make; it's nice knowing our time is being appreciated.
--credit is a must. PLEASE CREDIT THE ICON MAKER, NOT THE COMMUNITY ALONE. there are three makers in this community.
--textless icons are not bases.


the office jim/pam, dwangela; dirt lucy/holt; grey's anatomy meredith/derek, alex/lexie, mark/derek; skins cassie/sid friends monica/chandler; gossip girl serena/dan, blair/nate, serena/nate; studio 60 matt/harriet
angela kinsey, angela martin, angry!jim, avril lavigne, being awesome, blue eyes, cassie ainsworth, chandler bing, coco riley, comfy underpant city, courteney cox arquette, courvid, creed bratton, crosswords on sunday mornings, d!rt, david cook, derek shepherd, drunk!monica, dwangela, dwight k. schrute, ellen pompeo, enchanted, evil bitches, exam room sex, friends, george foreman grills, grey's anatomy, hayley williams, hello worthless, holt mclaren, jenna fischer, jenna fischer's boobs, jim and pam, jim halpert, jim halpert's bed, jim/pam sex, john krasinski, john krasinski's beard, john/jenna, lucy and holt, lucy spiller, mark sloan, marrying courteney, matthew perry, merdedith and derek sex, meredith grey, mondler, monica geller, music, omg!legs, omg!nosewrinkles, pam beesley, pam beesley's glasses, paramore, patrick dempsey, patrick dempsey's hair, photoshop, pip, prince edward, procrastination, raiin wilson, schrute farms, screwing boys, sex and mockery, sex in the office, sex with john krasinski, sex with patrick dempsey, sexing, skins, stalking, steve carell, taking it slow, that's what she said, the office, the office cast, we are fam[ily], we're not sex addicts!, whores on tequila